Thursday, November 17


New blog posts via Email

Some people aren't fans of RSS ... or just don't get it ... for people like that there are 2 services (that I know of) that may be of interest to you. One I learned about awhile ago, Rmail lets you put in the address of the RSS feed you want to get via email (and your address of course) and it will send you updates when they're available.

The other service offers a bit more. It's called Blogarithm, it lets you put in the site URL (no RSS URL necessary) and it too will email you updates. The thing that's different about this service is that Blogarithm recently introduced a discovery search. This means you can plug in a URL of a blog you like to read and it will suggest other feeds it thinks you might like. Bloglines does this via their related feeds link (and I personally think they do it better), but I want you to know all of the options out there. Enjoy!

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