Tuesday, November 15


Auto Submit URLs to del.icio.us

Some of you may have read my article in Computers in Libraries about our Research Links project at Jenkins. Well as I sat at Internet Librarian last month, I was thinking ... wouldn't it be great if Jenkins RLs could be added to del.icio.us automatically without me having to add them one by one ... well it looks like I might be able to ...

I just finished reading an article on TipMonkies about Deliciouso and application that allows you to add multiple links to del.icio.us at once. So I visited the site and found that there is also an program by the same people called DeliciousSubmit which I may be able to add into my script to add links automatically when our librarians add links to the Jenkins site.

I don't have time to incorporate this just yet, but I'm adding it to my list and I'll keep you posted.

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