Wednesday, November 16


Follow the Carnival

I have seen posts recently mentioning a Carnival, but I had no idea what they were talking about. Last night I found this:

I've recently encountered a blogging phenomenon known as the Blog Carnival.* If you are aware of bentley's wonderful This Week in LibraryBlogland series, then you are already familiar with the essential concept - an aggregation/roundup of the most interesting posts over a period of time, usually centering on a certain theme. What typically makes the Blog Carnival different from bentley's approach is that the Carnival closes up shop and moves to a new blog location every week. The host blog's author becomes the editor of the Carnival for that week. The advantages of this are:

a) it takes the burden off of a single person
b) new host means new setting and often a fresh editorial perspective
c) willing hosts get great exposure for their blogs and willing readers similarly get exposed to blog authors they may not have encountered previously

Quoted from Open Stacks. What a neat idea! Anyway, if you want to follow the Carnival of Infosciences you can see the complete schedule of stops by reading the Carnival Cruises thread at Open Stacks.

[edit 11/22/05] Visit the new Carnival Wiki [/edit]

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