Tuesday, November 15


Online Books Page via RSS

I just found out by browsing my ever growing list of library blogs that The Online Books Page at UPenn has an RSS for new books. How handy is that?! Thanks RSS4Lib & Library Stuff for pointing it out ... ages ago :)

UPenn's is definitely nice! You might also be interested in the one developed at UIUC (http://www.library.uiuc.edu/newtitles/) that allows a user to customize the new titles RSS feed to either library set or call number range of interest and limit by language of materials. (Disclaimer - I'm affiliated with UIUC.)
That's pretty darn neat ... but it's only for paper books ... the one at UPenn is for Online Books, just to clarify. I'm going to send this page to our catalog librarians and see what they think :) Thanks for pointing it out.
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