Thursday, November 17


Riya Photo Search

I have only one word on my mind ... WOW!

I think I've seen this name around, Riya, but I can't remember where ... today I found more information out by reading my TechCrunch feed. Riya is a facial recognition search engine ... wait stay here ... don't run out to test it (like I did mid article) ... it's still in Alpha. I did however find some screenshots on TechCruch ... this is way too cool.

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch writes:
I was presented with a view of facial thumbnails of everyone in my photos. Riya asks that you begin to educate it by telling it who the people areā€¦it then very quickly starts to auto-tag pictures with a surprising level of accuracy.

Riya also recognizes text in photos, and lets you select any area of a photo and tag that as well. For instance, you could select just the Eiffel Tower in a photo and tag it as such. Within moments, everything of importance in all of my photos was tagged. And more importantly, it was searchable.

Read the whole article here.

On a side note, there are rumors floating around that Riya was just bought out by Google for something like $40 million!! Google's out to rule the world - but that's another post.

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