Tuesday, November 29


Just what I was looking for!

I'm finishing up our new Intranet and to date we have no way to handle spreadsheets except to link to the Excel files. I wanted everything to be based on the Intranet - no need to look elsewhere for help ... well that will never be the case, but I just got closer to my dream.

I read about NumSum this weekend (can't remember where). NumSum lets you create web spreadsheets to share ... without installing a thing on your computer.

  • Post to my blog link
  • Post to del.icio.us link
  • Share your spreadsheet
  • Edit your spreadsheet
  • Let others comment on your spreadsheet
  • Tags
Drawbacks/Potential Upgrades:
  • Only the creator can edit the spreadsheet
    • This won't work on our Intranet - I need others to be allowed to edit
  • Remotely hosted
    • For our Intranet I'd love to be able to have this run on our server ... since the spreadsheets we're creating are things we only want to share with those in-house
Overall a pretty nifty looking project that I'm going to keep my eye on.

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