Monday, November 28


Wikipedia Browser

This sounds interesting ... but I was unable to test it ... it wasn't responding.

Gollum, the Wikipedia Browser is:

Gollum is the name of my newest crime of invention. By reducing the complexity of information, I have created a fast and eyefriendly browser through the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia". Originally this invention was built up for my daughter but now I have expanded it to the world for free as an open source project under GPL.

... Gollum is based on PHP and Javascript using XMLHttp request for communication, better known as Ajax. That means, there is no need for databases and the code is ready for PHP5. Therefore, the client is only required to use a browser like Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape or Safari with activated Javascript. Safari has yet to be tested.

sounds like it would be fun to play with, but I was using Firefox and had no luck ... I'll keep trying.

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