Sunday, November 27


Get the scoop

I just found this new service ... and it's not in beta! It's called ScoopGO! and it lets you put together you own little search engine. ScoopGO! has you set up your own scoops by choosing related RSS feeds to lump together ... and then makes them searchable. One of there examples:
Scoop world news: searches the latest news headlines of your choice
The first step is to decide on which sources (websites) you trust and want to include in your Scoop. Then, get the "feed urls" from those website... Then simply choose "create Scoop" from the menu (left top, after registering). Give your Scoop a name - in this case simply "world news" - and let ScoopGO! know what feeds you want to search. We chose the feeds mentioned below for this Scoop, but you can choose any feed from any website you like:
» (CNN topstories)
» (BBC topstories)
» (Yahoo news topstories)
» (Reuters topstories)
» (MSNBC headlines)
Then you can search the results or view them all via the Dashboard for your scoop. The Dashboard is sort of like a feed reader. It lets you see all of the headlines (and descriptions if you choose) for your scoop in one place.

This is a pretty handy little tool. Thanks RSS Compendium for pointing it out.

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