Wednesday, November 23


New to Amazon

In my hunt for the new Amazon product wiki I found 3 new features I didn't know about.

Amazon Citations
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First, I found this on Harry Potter Book 5. It lists the books that cite the title you're looking at ... pretty nifty ... and potentially handy if you're looking at a scholarly title.

Amazon tags
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Tags??? Tags are everywhere now. This I found on every title I looked at (see the Harry Potter example) ... no explanation needed.

Amazon Customer Discussions
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The last new thing I found was Customer Discussions/Forums. This one was on one of the bestsellers I clicked on to find the wiki - The Lighthouse. It looks like the precusor to the wiki ...

It looks like everyone is jumping on the communication & collaboration bandwagon, it's all pretty neat, but it makes for very cluttered product pages ... I'm interested to see how all of these additions are organized in the future.

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