Wednesday, November 23


Are we all gullible??

I see a bunch of posts about a new product wiki from Amazon, but no one links to examples ... and out of the 20 different products I looked at I could find nothing resembling the only screenshot I could find. Are we all gullible? Did one person post about this and we all just believe it? Has anyone else found an actual product with this wiki attached?

This leads me rant #2 of today. I really do not like it when someone posts about a new feature but doesn't link to an example for the reader ... yesterday I spent a bunch of time trying to see the new Froogle Map, but I didn't know how to make it pop up ... this would have been solved if someone posted something like Dan did today with an example.

I'm off to hunt for an actual example of this new Product Wiki ... if it exists.

It seems the new Amazon Product Wiki feature is a selective beta that appears on some people's machines and not others. We actually have two PC's in our office that can't see the feature and one PC that can see it.
Thank you so much for clarifying ... that kind of stinks though :(
You are right. I just tried on my husband's PC and I can finally see it. Thanks again for letting me know.
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