Monday, November 14



Oh COOL!! I visit Syndic8 frequently, but I never thought to click any of the little buttons on the left of each feed. I just clicked the RSS 2 PDF button on my feed for this site and it generated a PDF with the info from my feed! See the results. Neat isn't it? I'm going to keep this in mind for presentations and handouts.

Hi Nicole,

Thanks a lot for mentioning my web service at

I'm glad you find it cool ;--)

FYI, I love - this is the website that first got me addicted to the subject of RSS/Aggregators/Newsfeeds, etc..

Thanks again!

Tom Churm
Creator, RSS2PDF
Tom, I have a suggestion for an upgrade ... a way to use this on feeds that are on your local network. Our Intranet has a feed and it would be real handy to create a PDF to print out of the days news, but I can't use your tool because the feed is on our network.
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