Wednesday, November 23


Scams & Spam

Okay ... so this is a bit off topic from the things I usually write about, but I need to rant.

Who's family sends them those forwards that include warnings? Mine sure does!

I get this message the other day warning me not to try perfume from men in parking lots because the perfume isn't really perfume, it's poison and will knock me out so that the man can then steal my car & purse ... So I read part of this email (only because it starts with "this really happened to my friend") and then visit hoaxbusters and type in perfume ... what do I find? I find that this is one of many hoax/scam/spam emails floating on the web.

There is a "What I Learned Today" point to this rant ...

Today I read about another site that helps uncover hoaxes, called Looks Too Good To Be True.

So the moral of the story is ... check a hoax finding site before you forward that junk on to your family ... they're family for crying out loud! Why do you want to make them even crazier than they already are??

good flippin' point!
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