Monday, November 21


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I just discovered another bookmarking site. It's called BlinkList Chris Deweese at Clam Chowder explains BlinkList as:
takes one step further and adds network groups. This lets you hook up with other people and form a social circle to share book marks.
I've visited the site and I must say it is awefully pretty. I also read a comment on the ALA TechSource blog that mentions
a new space that Meredith from "Information Wants to be Free" is working on.
I'll have to keep an eye on this site.

Jenny, our Shifted Librarian showcased blinklist in the presentation I was live blogging. I haven't seen her powerpoint come online yet, but it's in there too!

Just want to make sure she gets the credit there as well, she found it, I was just covering it in my notes :)
I don't think Blinklist has the Group functionality (got a link?). Look at item #2 here.

That may be something of interest.
Glad to see that you are checking out BlinkList and thanks for the compliments! We are always very excited and flattered when our community members write about our service. If you come up with any ideas for making the BlinkList better please let us know.
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