Monday, December 5



I spent yesterday helping my husband install & customize Wordpress. I plan on switching to that myself, but I haven't had time yet (although I did purchase the domain). Anyway ... it was a very easy install and customizing the templates hasn't been t0o difficult either. I do have one gripe ... it's this new trend towards using CSS for layout ... which I'll admit I have no experience with.

It seems to me that using CSS for layout is what has led to this trend of fixed width pages ... and I'm really not a fan of that at all. So while I was editing the templates last night for my husband's new blog (I'll give you a link when it's all done) I found myself stripping out id & class tags and adding a table around the pages to make things expand to the entire screen ... to some this may seem like sacrilege, but to me it just makes sense. Who knows maybe down the road I'll change my mind, but right now I'm going to stick to a combo of tables & CSS to create my layouts.

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