Monday, November 21


Give us control!

John over at has a great post that I read this morning.
RSS 2.0 in September 2002. It’s almost 2006 and ILS vendors are just now starting to unveil some RSS feeds. We shouldn’t be treating those announcements like watershed moments. They’re tidbits of “too-little-too-late” packaged in shiny wrappers, served with a helping of “Who’s your Daddy?”
He goes on to say that we should be asking our vendors for more control, more power over what is essentially our data ... our hard work.

I’m so happy to see that I’m not alone in my thinking. Everytime we purchase a new service from our vendor it’s more trouble than it’s worth … it looks great on paper, but then we get it and I find that I am powerless to resolve issues like simple layout and data arrangement. I want power! I deserver power!
[W]e should be able to run any query at all against our own data, however absurd it may be.
We are paying big bucks for these packages and the least they can do is open up the database so I can generate stats in a format that’s easy for us to use … or let me write my own RSS feed or email updates … etc.

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